General health promoting school manuals & tools


The following resources provided general information, guidance and evidence for the health promoting school approach.

SHE online school manual

The SHE online school manual is a step-by-step guide on how to become a health promoting school, presented in five, consecutive phases. The SHE online school manual is intended for school management, teachers and other
school staff who are involved in the development of health promoting schools in the primary and secondary school setting. It is avaiable in several languages. Read more about the SHE online school manual

Promoting Health in Schools: from Evidence to Action, 2010

This document complements the recommendations to establish and sustain health promotion in schools set out in the Achieving Health Promoting Schools: Guidelines for Promoting Health in Schools. It is an advocacy document for the health and education sectors to undertake school health promotion activities based on the evidence of effectiveness. It provides evidence-based arguments to support the need for school health promotion. Finally it advocates for a whole school (Health Promoting Schools) approach to strategically plan and implement school health initiatives. Read the full document on the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) website

Developing a health promoting school, 2006

A practical resource for developing effective partnerships in school health, based on the experience of the European network of Health Promoting Schools. Read more about Developing a health promoting school

Promoting Health in Second Level Schools in Europe - a practical guide

This manual is designed to help school health education project managers. It aims to support them in developing planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion programmes in second level schools in Europe. It could be used as a resource material for the development of health promotion in schools generally, but it is of particular help in supporting programmes which address the issue of cancer prevention. Read more about Promoting health in second level schools in Europe

Models of health promoting schools in Europe, 2002

This booklet attempts to document the valuable experience gained through the last ten years working with processes of health promotion in schools throughout Europe. It describes models of health promoting schools as they are developed in different cultural, political and economic settings. Read the full document

Gender and health in adolescence, 1999

Gender and health in adolescence - WHO policy series: Health policy for children and adolscents, Issue 2.
The present document discusses, in a concise yet effective way, the need to consider gender issues when analysing youth health within and among countries. Furthermore, the findings discussed in the document show the importance of taking account of gender issues when planning health-promoting programmes and policies. Read more about gender and health in adolescence


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