Learning activities


These activities are designed to help you focus on the underlying principles, values and components of the health promoting school, in a way that will support practical implementation and effective working with pupils, parents, school staff and the wider whole school community.

Who is it for?

This programme or module is for anyone working in the area of school health promotion, from across all sectors. It may have particular relevance for those who design and deliver learning experiences in the classroom, including teachers and support staff. Indeed, the programme has relevance for a wide range of partners including parents, pupils and professionals working in a range of other sectors.

Is this for an individual activity or is it for a group?

You may choose to work individually at a time and place of your choice. As a core value of health promotion partnership working presupposes collaboration and shared understanding amongst teachers, parents, early years staff and a wide range of other professionals. The resources ask you to think about changing and improving practice. For this reason you may find it useful to work through the activities with a colleague or with a team to discuss and share issues.

How long should it take?

This resource has been designed to be open ended, to enable you to reflect on knowledge understanding and experience and to find out more.

You can make a choice out of the following learning activity topics:

Health Promoting School
Partnerships: working with partners


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