Planning for action


Once you have assessed your school’s starting point and have identified your school community’s needs and priorities you can use this information to make your health promoting school action plan.


In this phase, members of your school community work together to decide the future of your health promoting school, i.e., what they want to focus on, what they want to achieve and how and in what timeframe.


It is recommended to focus on implementing one priority per school year.

That is, in the first school year activities related to priority A are implemented. In the second school year the activities related to priority A will continue and new activities related to priority B will be put into action. In school year three activities related to priority A and B will continue and activities related to priority C will be put into action. Continuing the activities related to each priority may include checking regularly whether a certain activity which was introduced is still in place. By phasing in priorities in this way, the amount of time spent on priorities that were introduced earlier will be less and the activities will be more focused on maintenance/refinement then introducing new things.


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