Assessing your starting point


In this phase of becoming a health promoting school, assessing your school’s health status is a central starting point; this includes identifying your school’s current health and well-being related policies and practices to determine your school community’s priorities and needs. It also includes an assessment of organizational, physical and personal factors and how these factors encourage or hinder the school’s health promoting activities.


You may choose to use the SHE (online) rapid assessment tool to help you in making this assessment or choose your own strategy. The SHE rapid assessment tool consists of a series of questions related to the whole-school approach. Discussing and reaching a consensus on these questions can help you decide what your school’s needs and priorities are for your health promoting school. Making this assessment of your school can help you establish a starting point for development, monitoring and evaluation of your health promoting school.


If you decide to use the SHE rapid assessment tool it can be used in combination with other assessment methods. For example, it can serve as a starting point for discussion and be followed up with a priority setting workshop; through the priority setting workshop, you can ensure that your health promoting school priorities are priorities of your school community.


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User testimonial

''The Rapid Assessment Tool is useful because it could be utilized annually in order to measure progress year after year. Congratulations on this excellent work and many thanks for providing us with this valuable tool'' (School nurse of Byron College, Greece)