We all care about our children; they are the future of Europe. Every child in Europe has the right to education, health and security. Every child should have the opportunity to be educated in a health promoting school.

SHE online school manual

The SHE online school manual provides an introduction to health promoting schools and support to primary and secondary schools in becoming and improving an existing health promoting school.


The online school manual is available in English and eight other languages indicated by the flags below. Click on the flag to read the language version.




Introduction to health promoting schools in Europe

This video is an introduction to the health promoting school approach and includes examples of how four health promoting schools from three countries (Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain) have put this approach into practice as part of their school policy. View video with subtitles in French and Italian

Guide – how to make a video to promote your own school

Has the SHE promotional video inspired you to make your own video in your school or country? 

To assist you in this process, we have made a guide with video examples that illustrates the elements of a compelling promotional video. You can download the guide here

Linking your school with other health promoting schools

Working together with other schools across Europe is fun and a great learning experience. The SHE network is looking for schools that would like to start twinning with other health promoting schools in Europe.


Get more information on school twinning and register online. Be aware that the twinning page is available in 27 languages. Find your preference on the top of the page.


Watch video: Talking with students about health and health promotion in school

In the WHO Europe video, recorded during the youth conference, two 14 year old students give their thoughts about health and health promotion in school. Watch video now